The History

Learning from our experience over the years we decided it was time to produce our own Manx version of the mini donut. In April 2013 we started the search for the right ingredients and spoke to Laxey Glen Mills for the supply of the flour, mixing and packaging.

After some trials, both in the kitchen and with some of our loyal customers at the grandstand at MGP 2013, we have arrived at a donut of familiar size and texture but with it's own delicious flavour.

The Product

The donuts are made from a concentrated set of ingredients and mixed with Manx flour from the Laxey Glen Mills. After being mixed with water and gently fried in soy oil this produces our "Manx Mini Donuts"

Where to get them

The Donut Factory currently operate two trailers (The Blue Trailer and The Stainless Trailer) that offer these delicious donuts at many events across the island.

Check out the calendar here to see when the trailers will be next.